Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse Franchise is Revolutionizing the Barbecue Menu

By bringing the regional styles of barbecue under one roof, Bar-B-Cutie is poised to meet the growing demand for authentic American barbecue

Barbecue is a national treasure that is becoming increasingly popular as more and more Americans crave authentic food with a rich, artisanal history that they cannot make at home.

photograph of a pulled barbecue sandwich

As longtime purveyors of barbecue, with over half a century of experience in the BBQ business, Bar-B-Cutie is committed to providing the nation’s best barbecue. For more than 65 years, Bar-B-Cutie has the finest, authentic barbecue available on the market. In 2017, we’re bringing it into the future by bringing all the regional barbecue styles under one roof as part of our new SmokeHouse concept.

“What really makes barbecue unique is that it isn’t something people can just do at home,” says Brett McFarland, Chief Operating Officer with Bar-B-Cutie. “Barbecue takes a lot of skill, equipment and training to get right. As a result, a good barbecue place will become a destination for a community, and people will drive miles out of their way once they find a barbecue place that treats them well, makes them feel comfortable and serves them food that is consistently excellent in both taste and value. This is exactly why Bar-B-Cutie has been so successful for so long. Our customers become regulars.  When they come to us, they feel like they’ve come home.”

Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse combines BBQ favorites with Southern classics to create best menu in the business

Bar-B-Cutie serves up Texas-style brisket, Tennessee-style pork ribs and North Carolina pulled pork, as well as chicken, turkey and sausages directly from the smoker to our customers’ plates. All of our meat is cooked to perfection by an experienced, highly trained pit master for up to 18 hours on a smoker over hickory or mesquite wood. Guests can choose if they want their meat served a la carte, in a salad or on a sandwich, giving customers a range of prices and options to satisfy their inner carnivore.

To complement our meats, we have an array of traditional Southern comfort sides, such as real-cream corn, cowboy stew, barbecue beans, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and more. In addition, Bar-B-Cutie is one of the only barbecue franchise systems that also offers a range of items from our fryer, including fried pickles, fried okra, fresh-cut fries, corn nuggets and other savory offerings. Because the Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse concept doesn’t offer combo meals, customers can choose a la carte, which helps to substantially increase average ticket prices and maximize revenue.

“We’re extremely passionate about the quality of our food,” says Ronnie McFarland, CEO of Bar-B-Cutie. “We’ve been doing this for well over half a century, and I believe that passion is reflected in our menu. We have our own proprietary rubs, sauces and recipes that absolutely make the best barbecue there is; I sincerely believe that. I believe our barbecue is the best there is. We simplified our menu to make it more customer-friendly, and it’s been doing incredibly well for us, increasing the average ticket price per customer. The best thing is that our barbecue will work in any market. People love good barbecue, no matter where you are in the country.”

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