Why Do Our Customers Love Us?

Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse franchise has a rapidly growing customer base of wildly enthusiastic barbecue lovers

a photograph of a crowded Bar-B-Cutie franchise, people are eating barbecue and drinking beer. When customers walk through the doors of their local Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse franchise, they are welcomed in like family. This commitment to make our customers feel at home explains why so many of our customers become regulars, often visiting us on a daily or weekly basis. Of course, they also love our food. Because BBQ is such an underserved market in many communities across America (with less than 2,000 BBQ restaurants open in the entire country) and we possess a half a century of experience in perfecting authentic southern BBQ, customers drive long distances for our food. Unlike burgers and tacos, BBQ is extremely difficult to make at home. Good BBQ is slow roasted over wood for up to 18 hours, and Bar-B-Cutie serves our customers directly from the smoker to the table. But enough about us. Here’s what our customers have to say about why they love Bar-B-Cutie:

Photograph of smiling people at a table eating brisket and bar-b-cutie sandwiches

“If you love BBQ, then you will love Bar-B-Cutie’s [sic]!  God, this place is phenomenal and the wall of accolades next to the register obviously proves it.  I’m really happy my grandparents brought me to this restaurant. The atmosphere is very relaxed and casual, the ideal setting for eating messy BBQ.  They have a drive-thru for those not wishing to dine in and there is a play area in the back for kids to run around in.  The menu is very straight forward offering sandwiches and meat by the pound.  There are some specialty items like brisket ponchos (I’ve heard they’re good), and the BBQ stuffed potatoes.  Their appetizer menu is composed of various fried delicacies, think jalapeños and corn nuggets. Do you need a BBQ fix?  Don’t look anywhere else.  RUN to Bar-B-Cutie’s [sic]!”

— Danielle V., of New Orleans, in a five-star review on Yelp

“Food is always fresh and their staff are very friendly. Each time I’ve been here the place is clean and they even have a small play area for kids. The brisket panchos are a must try! But they also have them available with any other meats. They also have a variety of BBQ sauces available at each table for you to try.”

— Rene C., of McAllen, Texas, in a five-star review on Yelp

A photograph of a smiling father eats dinner with his two children at Bar-B-Cutie

“I loved my first visit to Pharr and the opportunity to eat at Bar-B-Cutie! The food was super delicious that I went back a 2nd day. The turkey, moist brisket, smoked potato and corn nuggets were so good! The customer service was outstanding and the Franchisee (owner) was a delight to meet. I hope to return again and wish they were in the Houston area.”

— Deb E., of Stagecoach, Texas, in a five-star review on Yelp

“I am a big BBQ fan and I am always looking for places that have good quality BBQ. I had heard about this place and was told it was good so I decided to give it a try. Food: I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and it sure didn’t disappoint! I loved how at the table you had the BBQ sauces, which meant I could put as much BBQ as I wanted without having to ask for extra sauce. The food was very well made and everything looked neat and clean, which is a major plus for me.  Service: The staff was very helpful during my experience since they took the time to explain the menu and explained everything to me. They were very attentive and saw them constantly checking on tables and making sure everything was fully stocked such as the drinks area. I totally recommend this place to everyone who is looking for some good BBQ!”

— Regino G., of McAllen, Texas, in a five-star review on Yelp

A smiling couple shares a basket of fried pickles while drinking beer and cocktails

“Between my fiancé and I we tried a few items on the menu, I ordered the lean brisket sandwich and the brownie. I was so amazed by the tenderness of the brisket, I will definitely order it again. The brownie had a big similarity to an all time favorite, little Debbie brownies. My fiancé who is super picky with his BBQ being a BBQ competitor loved the moist brisket sandwich and the jalapeño sausage was perfect. He also had the banana pudding which was also delicious! We will definitely be back to try more items on the menu.”

— Priscilla P., of McAllen, Texas, in a five-star review on Facebook

“Great customer service, friendly employees and the food was amazing. Great fried pickles, Brisket had a great taste and moist. Highly recommend the chicken sandwich. Baked potato was also great Oh! And brownies and peach cobbler Awesome!!!”

— Georgina S., of McAllen, Texas, in a five-star review on Facebook

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and Terry and your entire wonderful team for all you do for my customers. Your food is delicious and I so appreciate not only the quick service but also having a direct line to you due to the nature of our business. I send customers to Bar-B-Cutie all day long but I so appreciate your help when I need some last minute barbecue. When traveling to Nashville everyone thinks of our city having great barbecue and thank you for never letting that association be anything but a great experience for my customers. Thank you for all your past help and thank you in advance for all future help.”

— Signature Aviation

“Our employee appreciation picnic was once again a huge success. Bar B Cutie makes it so easy for me to have a great event. A couple of emails and everything was decided and in place for the day. When the day arrived they were right on time and the servers were so friendly and efficient. Lots of food, affordable prices, and excellent service. Thanks Bar-B-Cutie.”

— City of Brentwood

“Everything went great on our catering today!  It always does, and we never have to worry about anything.”

— Beaman Automotive

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