How Much Does It Cost?

Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse franchise is seeking entrepreneurs with a passion for BBQ to bring our iconic brand to communities across the nation

Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse is a best-in-class franchise system led by an executive team who have been in the BBQ restaurant business for over half a century. The proven business model was designed to be easy to open and easy to scale, with the initial investment costs well below those of other QSR, fast-casual and fast food franchise concepts.

a vertical picture of customers enjoying barbecue at Bar-B-Cutie

Bar-B-Cutie is an investment opportunity with potential for high returns, with the total investment estimate to begin operations on a new Bar-B-Cutie franchise ranging from $663,649 – $2,080,491. Because our build-out costs and ongoing overhead are substantially lower than other brands in the fast-casual, QSR and fast food segments, Bar-B-Cutie offers a quicker ramp-up time, which allows for a potentially faster return on investment. The franchise fee for your Bar-B-Cutie franchise is $35,000.

Here’s our FDD Item 7, which details the specific startup costs of our franchise offering. Note our 2 models:

Model A  –  2,500 to 3,000 square feet End Cap or Retrofit with a Drive-Thru.

Model B  –  4,067 to 4,400 square feet Free Standing Building with a Drive-Thru built from Ground Up.

Type of Expenditure Amount Method of
Initial Franchise Fee
(Both Models)
($28,000 for
Veteran Franchisees)
Lump Sum
(Model A)
$397,769 -
As Incurred
(Model B)
$1,325,120 -
As Incurred
Tenant Improvement
(TI) from Landlord
(Model A)
-$75,000 -
Per Lease
Legal and Site
Acquisition Costs
$1,000 -
(Both Models)
As Incurred
Furniture, Fixtures,
Equipment, Décor
Package and Signage
(Installed), and small
(Model A)

$265,830 -
(Model B)
Prior to
Opening Inventory $8,000 -
(Model A)

$15,634 -
(Model B)
Lump Sum or
Advertising and
$1,000 -
(Both Models)
As Incurred
Architectural Plans
and Specifications
$23,900 -
(Model A)

$40,400 -
(Model B)
Lump Sum
Certified Public
$1,575 -
(Both Models)
As Incurred
Training (includes up
to six (six) weeks
room, board and
$4,000 -
(Both Models)
As Incurred
Opening Costs
$2,500 -
(Both Models)
As Incurred
Additional Funds -3
$20,000 -
(Both Models)
As Incurred
TOTAL $663,649 - $894,316
(Model A)

$1,705,059 - $2,080,491
(Model B)

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